All our pictures are offered in a variety of formats to suit every pocket and every requirement, from A5 prints on high gloss photographic card to A2 canvas.

All pictures are printed with a border. Images do not bleed to the edge.

Printed images are set at 300 dpi

Blank greetings card: 135mm x 135mm on 240gsm, includes envelope

High gloss photo card: A5, A4 on 190gsm A3 on 260gsm

Poster: A2, A1

Canvas: A3, A2

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Create your own special picture by adding a touch of colour to a black and white print.  Click here for more details.

Add a touch of colour To a black & white print Add a touch of colour To a black & white print from this... this >

It’s simple.  Just choose your favourite picture from our extensive collection and fill in the form below (stage 1) telling us what colour, or colours to a maximum of 3, you would like and where. If you know the actual RGB numbers (this text is 251,32,255) even better.

Don’t order your picture from within the gallery itself. Complete all the boxes in this form and press [Send] then select [Add to Cart] (stage 2) and re-enter the required information.

Adding a touch of colour is only available on A4 and A3 prints and costs just £10 extra.

See our Terms and Conditions.

(as written and underlined below the picture in the gallery) (as shown at the top of the gallery page, eg. Places - England) Total price A4 = £15.99, A3 = £27.50

Add colour

(note: your picture selection will not appear in your shopping cart but if you have completed all the above form and clicked [Send] we will have the required information. your Shopping Cart will simply show ‘Add Colour’ and the total price paid.)
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