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Places - Japan 118 pictures
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back to top Temple and Bull at Kioto River at Arashiyama Russian prisoners held at Kioto School girls in Yokohama Arashiyama at Kioto Outside the police station in Yokohama Road at Nikko Chaitya interior at Ajanta Near the police station at Yokohama Procession at Nikko Interior at Shogunko Temple at Nikko Barometer House at Tokyo Limestone quarry Boys' fete at Imaichi Temple yard at Yokohama Carrying seaweed at Enoshima Street in Yokohama Chuzenji Lake Ceremony at Kioto Procession in Kioto Procession in Kioto View from a hotel in Nikko Procession in Nikko Map of Japan by George Washington Wilson Map of Japanese seas by George Washington Wilson Temple at Kioto Fishermen Gotemba Street scene in Nikko marking Togo's victory View from hotel in Nikko The Foreign Settlement at Kobe Osaka Chioin Bell at Kyoto Temple Belfry at Kioto Street at Tokyo railway station Boys' Festival paper kites Street singer in Nikko Entrance to Chion-in Temple at Kioto Chion-in Temple at Kioto Interior of Palace at Kioto Avenue of Cryptomeria in Nikko Cemetery at Utsunomiya Tea picking at Uji, Kioto The Foreign Concession at Yokohama Oxen Tramway Bull in Temple grounds at Kioto Fujiyama reflected Temple at Yokohama School days at Yokohama Children and babies Boats for the rapids at Hozo Castle at Nagoya Tea House at Araskiyama Pine tree looking like a Junk in Kioto Biwa Lake at Omi Temple Hakone Village Biwa Lake Canal at Omi Farmer and horse Nagoya Farmer collecting firewood Sarusawa Pond at Nara Bridge at Enoshima Deer at Nara Fishermen at Enoshima Sayonara or Goodbye #top #top
Farmer returning home Tea picking at Uji, Kioto Japanese rice plantation Cherry Blossom Theatre street in Yokohama Celebrations in Yokohama Priests Rebuilding the Sacred Bridge at Nikko after the 1902 flood Yashamon Gate Yumoto Road at Nikko Tree lined avenue at Nikko Hodo Waterfall at Nikko Gojunoto Tower at Nikko Horikiri Iris Garden in Tokyo Temple at Shiba, Tokyo Autumn Maples at Oji in Tokyo Lokkakudo Temple at Shiba in Tokyo Horikiri Iris Gardens in Tokyo Cherry Blossom at Mukojima in Tokyo Japanese room in a house Japanese ladies Japanese ladies bowing Temple Daibutsu at Kamakura Group of Japanese women Group of Japanese women Farmer in straw coats Theatre street at Dotonbori in Osaka Farmhouse in Sanmaye-bashi Wood carving of the three monkeys, hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil Baskt seller Street pedlar Firemen climbing ladders at New Year Fox Temple in Kioto Horikiri Iris Garden in Tokyo Chysanthamums Catching Tiffin at Negishi in Yokohama Tea picking at Uji in Kioto Katsuragawa Rapids in Kioto Interior of Chioin Temple at Kiga The Torii at Hakone Tomb at Nikko Fujiyama Gojyogawa bamboo bush 1000 idols in Sanjusangendo at Kioto Deer at Kasuga Japanese ladies bowing Farmhouse in Sanmaye-bashi Wrestling match between Sakahoko and Inagawa Wrestling by George Wshington Wilson Sacred bridge of Nikko before the 1902 flood Temple Lanterns at Nikko